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[SECTION] GPS converters and utilities [SECTION]
  • 3D Global Terrain - global topography and imagery
  • GPS Converter - multi-format converter
  • GPS Map Viewer, with multi-format file support [FREE]
  • Transfer points from KMZ/KML to GPX format
  • Transfer points from GPX to KMZ/KML format
  • TomTom Navigator (OV2) to KMZ or GPX converter
  • KMZ/KML to TomTom Navigator (OV2) converter
  • Magellan MapSend (WPT/TRK) to KMZ or GPX format
  • KMZ/KML to SUUNTO (SDF) converter
  • Palm Desktop ABA to KMZ or GPX converter
  • Garmin GPI to KMZ or GPX converter
  • KMZ to KML converter and vice versa
  • World POI Database, large database of cities and POIs [FREE]
  • Heading and Distance calculator [FREE]
[SECTION] Atmospheric Electrical Activity Monitor [SECTION]
    This system allows the detection and monitoring of meteorological anomalies with high electrical activity, that is, with the capacity to generate intra-cloud or cloud-earth lightnings. The system uses radiofrequency detection and has enough sensitivity to detect storms located up to 1,000 Km away and monitor its evolution in order to prevent situations that pose a risk to personnel, equipment or operations.
[SECTION] Falcon 9 - First Stage Simulator [SECTION]
    This application uses engineering equations to simulate the behavior, efforts and performance, in addition to controlling the trajectory, of the first stage of a Falcon 9 (SpaceX) rocket. It has different panels for loading structural information, performance characteristics of engines, throttle control curves and vehicle inclination, etc. The main panel shows the progress of the simulation in real-time, and a 3D model in an OpenGL window, all this, initially synchronized with a real video of the launch that allows comparing speeds and altitudes at each moment to evaluate the accuracy of the simulation.
[SECTION] Applications for Android [SECTION]
  • Lightweight Applications for Android platform
  3D Presentation Environment  
3D Presentation Environment, application that allows you to build amazing presentations with photos and videos and block diagrams in multiple 3D scenes. The application has a powerful camera animation engine that lets you quickly build routes of presentation in full screen mode and export high quality Full-HD videos of your presentations.

  ABox - File Packer [FREE]
ABox - File Packer, is a lightweight, and flexible application that lets you quickly and easily compress and decompress files and folder trees to save storage space, reduce e-mail-transmission time or protect sensitive data using the encryption and decryption features.
  3D Global Terrain - global topography and imagery  
3D Global Terrain is the only OFF-LINE 3D platform that combines NASA imagery generated from Blue Marble project, elevation data from Shuttle Radar Topography Mission and more than 6.5 million of land markers with Cities and Points of Interest into a relatively small but powerful worldwide platform. GTerrain will allow you to visit any place in the world, know the general topography, and load and display your Waypoints, Routes and Tracks from many file formats.

  GTerrain - The Game [FREE]
GTerrain - The Game, using 3D Global Terrain engines, this multi-player game take advantage of its real-world characteristics and using LAN network connection will allow you to play and have fun with your friends all interacting together in this virtual world attacking and defending your base and aircrafts.

  Good Translator 2014 [OFFLINE]
Translator Traductor Traducteur Übersetzer Traduttore Tradutor
gTrans is a multilingual translation interface. A powerful, non-invasive and easy to use assistant that can be configured to translate phrases or words in any combination of the 81 languages offered.

For Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP, 32/64 bit, gTrans 2014 Screenshot

YouTube demonstration video

...more than 1,000,000 downloads !!

переводчик översättare の翻訳 구글 번역기 翻译 מתרגם ترجمة  
  Global Weather 3D [FREE]
Global Weather 3D gives you the possibility to explore the entire world's weather using a very realistic 3D globe. Taking advantage of the most powerful graphics techniques using OpenGL, you will find an interactive and exciting experience browsing global clouds in real time (every hour) using two different cloud visualization modes, "real photo" and "colorized clouds". In addition, Weather3D has four different Earth's surface modes (normal texture, detailed texture, non-textured and real-time day/night showing sun and moon positions) including countries boundary and names.

  World POI Database, large database with 12,026,386 of places [FREE]
A very large off-line database with 252 countries, 4,780,255 cities and 7,246,131 points of interest (47,390 cities in the free version), including country name, country code (ISO 3166), city name, region, latitude, longitude and flag. In addition, WorldPOIdb has a powerful search engine enabling you to find cities or places by keyword, and gives you the ability to export waypoints of your places in KML format (Keyhole Markup Language).

  Remote System Monitor - RSM  
The RSM provides a simultaneous visual indication and monitoring of hardware resources and status of several PCs in your LAN network and Internet at same time.
  Graphic Print Manager  
Graphic Print Manager, is a powerful tool for photo printing, that allows you to print many photos with one click, by specifying the exact size and position for each image, as well as the desired resolution and quality. GraphicPrint has filters that ensure the highest quality to enlarge or reduce images, by keeping the maximum print contrast with the color of the page.
  Barcode Print Manager  
Barcode Print Manager, is a powerful barcode labeling program which provides a complete barcode design and printing solution using your standard home or office printer. In addition, BarcodePrint has a powerful Data-Generator through which you can create complex data streams or import data from files (plain text or CSV) for bar codes you need.
  Webcam Movement Detection [FREE]
WebcamMD keeps watch over your home, office, or any location. It detects motion or noise, and triggers customizable alerts that can take pictures of the incident, or sound an audible alarm.
  DNS updater  
DNSupdater is a dynamic DNS updater (for Windows) that works with your ZoneEdit account. This application lets you synchronize your domain/s name with your current Internet IP allowing you to run Web Servers or FTP Servers directly from your PC.
  On-line TV tuner  
Using On-line TV tuner, watch online TV and radio channels live on your computer. It offers a huge collection of over 1000 quality Online TV and Radio stations streaming from all over the world.
We are the best free alternative to cable or satellite television. Simply choose the category and TV channel to watch, the channels are sorted by country and category.
  Local Network Chat, Gadget or application for Windows  
The best solution for the office and home environment communications. If you work in a busy environment and need to communicate with others in the office, or maybe even colleagues in another building, make life easy for yourself and install LNChat.
  High Density Mail Protocol - HiDens Mail Client [FREE]
HiDens Mail Client scales to the most sophisticated communicational needs while making it easy to transfer what you need. HDMP offers bolstered security and privacy measures to ensure that your communications and identity remain safe.
This protocol is not compatible with the current e-mail exchange standards SMTP and POP3, since HDMP features a completely different structure which makes it extremely efficient, fast and safe, eradicating the main causes for SPAM, phishing (ID forgery) and ill-intentioned email.
  Communication Client  (client free, server licensed) [FREE]
for Windows

for Android

ComClient and ComServer, client and server for chatting, little shape, fast and secure, oriented to companies and commerce that need to maintain a permanent connection with employees and clients. It has: files, texts, URLs delivery, virtual directory FileSharing, is hidden in TrayIcon and has multiple channels of chatting.

Screenshot (Windows)        Screenshot (Android)

...working since 2002 !!

  Airways to KMZ  
Using Aw2Ge you can find realistic air routes between airports around the world and export it in KMZ format.
  Very Large Image Joiner  
Using VLIJoiner you can join in a single image, a large set of tiled images. The input format may be BMP, JPG, PNG or GIF format and the output format is PNG or BMP to prevent the degradation of quality and maximize the compression ratio.
  Get Internet IP  
Tool designed to show your real Internet IP.
  XPad text editor [FREE]
XPad text editor, is a lightweight, and flexible text editor that lets you quickly and easily open and edit text files from Windows, Linux and Macintosh. It has full Unicode support, that lets you create and edit files encoded in UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32. Much more complete than the Windows Notepad, so it's a good replacement for this.

  OpenGL demonstrations [FREE]
demo 1

demo 2
Two demonstrations developed using OpenGL. The first one with 5 balls interacting by gravitational forces of attraction, bouncing and showing bursts when they collide. The second one with particles with real physical characteristics, bouncing and interacting with all surfaces. Supported controls: Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick. OpenGL features used: Blending, Transparencies, Lights, Brightness, Textures, etc. Source code available for sale, ask HERE.


Special demonstration 1 million particles, YouTube video

  Sun and Moon world map [FREE]
This application shows a world map with the position of the Sun and Moon in real-time or in a specific date.
In addition, you can see in real-time or accelerated-time the Sun and Moon in movement around the Earth. Includes moon phases.

  Central Processing Unit information [FREE]
CPUinfo is a freeware utility that gathers information about your CPU, Memory and Windows. An important feature is that it indicates whether the processor supports Windows 32 or 64-bit.
  BarCode generator [FREE]
Barcode Generator is a powerful but easy-to-use barcode solution that lets anyone generate, export, and print barcodes. It allows you to create different types of barcodes by entering your data and selecting the desired barcode. You can set any color you like to the generated bar code. Barcodes can be copied and pasted or saved in many popular graphic formats (BMP, PNG and JPG), and import into almost any desktop publishing or word processing software. The following barcode types are supported: 2_5_interleaved, 2_5_industrial, 2_5_matrix, Code39/Extended, Code128A/B/C, Code93/Extended, MSI, PostNet, Codebar, EAN8, EAN13, UPC_A, UPC_E0/1, UPC Supp2/5, EAN128A/B/C.

  ActiveX System Monitor, Gadget for Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista [NEW] [FREE]
SysMonitor is a resource monitor gadget for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. It tracks the average CPU load via an historical bar graph and the CPU load for each core. It supports up to 16 CPU cores, making it fully compatible with the latest multi-core CPUs. In addition it displays a detailed memory usage (Physical, Paging and Virtual memory).

Gadget for Win 7, Vista 32-bit

Executable for Win 8 or XP 32-bit

Gadget for Win 7, Vista 64-bit

Executable for Win 8 or XP 64-bit
  ActiveX Network Traffic Monitor, Gadget for Win 10, 8, 7 and Vista [FREE]
NetMonitor is a network traffic monitor gadget for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. It tracks your network usage in real time (current, peak and historical), and keep track of the data you've downloaded and uploaded. In addition it displays a detailed interface information (local IP, MAC address and maximum speed).

Gadget for Win 7, Vista 32-bit

Executable for Win 8 or XP 32-bit

Gadget for Win 7, Vista 64-bit

Executable for Win 8 or XP 64-bit
  ActiveX Clock, Gadget for Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista [FREE]
This Gadget is a digital variation to the default analog clock from Microsoft. Additional feature: Enable/Disable Seconds, Slowly changing background color (HUE rotation). For Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

Gadget for Win 7, Vista 32-bit

Executable for Win 8 or XP 32-bit

Gadget for Win 7, Vista 64-bit

Executable for Win 8 or XP 64-bit

...more than 250,000 downloads !!

  Country List [FREE]
It is a complete database with all countries in the world (250), their flags, capitals, continents, area, population, internet top level domain (TLD), ISO code, geographic coordinates, languages, currency and phone code. It also has a powerful search tool that makes it easier to find what you need.

  Shutdown Timer [FREE]
Simple application that shuts down the system at a specific date and time. You specify the date and time and chose the action you want the program to perform: Shutdown (normal/forced), Logoff or Reboot. Then you can minimize the application to the tray icon and when the countdown hits zero, Shutdown Timer performs whatever action you have specified.

  IP to Country [FREE]
IP to Country is an application that lets you know from which country a particular IP address belongs.
  Ping Multiple [FREE]
Tool that allows you to ping multiple sites at same time and using different configurations.

  Image Cutter [FREE]
This program allows you to crop and resize multiple images in a single pass.
  Date and Time Calculator [FREE]
Date and Time Calculator will let you easily add/subtract and count dates and time intervals. With just one click, you can add a value to a base date time, or subtract some intervals from a base date time, and get the result. Moreover, you can know how many years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds separate two specific dates.
  High Resolution Chronometer [FREE]
Small, simple and FREE high-resolution chronometer (10ms) using the Windows's high-precision timer.
  Quick Weather, Gadget or application for Windows [FREE]
QWeather shows the current Satellite images (sky and cloud conditions). The easiest and quickest way to view the current world wide images from The Weather Channel updated every 3 hours. In addition the program can animate the last 12 maps already downloaded.
  Micro Clock [FREE]
This digital clock was made in Assembler language, resulting in very low weight program (only 8KB).

  Aria RSS News Reader [FREE]
The Aria RSS News Reader is a FREE personal news & information tool that allows you to subscribe and read content from thousands of RSS newsfeeds (version 2.0).

  System Monitor [FREE]
Utility that monitors your PC, it shows a processor load indicator in the system tray bar, makes log of all Windows starts and shutdown (date and time) and processor over-load alarm.
  Internet Utilities Pack  
Complete set of utilities, clients and servers such as: clients like HTTP, POP3, SMTP, FTP, DNS, TCP/UDP, Broadcast, Time, and servers like HTTP, FTP, SMTP, TCP, Broadcast y Time. It also has important utilities: full customizable Ping, Traceroute, Whois and Net information containing another 42 utilities.
  Open Windows Special Folders [FREE]
Windows operating system have dozens of special folders that are used for storing application settings and files, storing Internet files, saving temporary files, storing shortcuts to other files, and so on. This utility displays the list of all special folders and allows you to easily locate and open it using Windows File Explorer.
  File Utilities [FREE]
This program allows you to Copy, Move or Delete files without using the Windows File Explorer. This tool is specially useful when you copy large amount of media files from CD-ROM or DVD, operation very cumbersome if you do that using the Windows File Explorer.
  POP3 Checker [FREE]
POP3 Checker is an e-mail notification utility that can check multiple accounts for new mail. A pop up visual message lets you know that mail has arrived and then you can launch the default external mail reader. Now supports Gmail.
  Mandelbrot Fractal Generator - with Printable Posters creation [FREE]
Mandelbrot Fractal Generator is a free application that will allow you to easily explore the Mandelbrot fractal. The main features are: Zoom, Pan, Color palette selector and Automatic multi-threading operation for better performance (on a multiprocessor machine). Also you can create Printable Photo Posters with sizes up to 20480 x 15360 pixel (PNG or JPEG format), printed with 200dpi will result in a canvas size of 102 x 76 inches (~ 2.60 x 1.95 mts). To purchase Fractal Posters visit

  Joystick Tester [FREE]
This program allows you to test your digital and analog USB game devices.
  File Finder [FREE]
FileFinder is a really fast and easy to use file search utility. It provides a highly efficient interface for quickly locating files. FileFinder is especially useful when you don't know the exact name of the file you want, and includes word or phrase searching within files. Once the file is found, the user can open it (shell execute), access to the containing folder and other functions from a context-menu by right-clicking. It is radical alternative for standard Windows file search utility.

  File Splitter and Joiner [FREE]
32-bit version

64-bit version
Very nice multi-thread file splitter and joiner. It splits files of any type and size (larger than 4GB), selecting parts by size or parts number. Does not need to be installed. This program can even perform CRC32 file integrity checking, filename and date/time restoration.
  JPEG Joiner [FREE]
Joins in a single image a set of tiled JPEG images.
  MD5 calculator [FREE]
Simple utility that will calculate the MD5 hash of a given file. Can be used with big files (some GB). It features a progress counter and a text field from which the final MD5 hash can be easily copied to the clipboard.
  MD5 registry [FREE]
MD5 registry is a powerful yet easy-to-use cataloging and duplicate search utility that helps you find any file stored on a removable media or on your hard drive in a matter of seconds. Using MD5 code can find set of duplicate files (without using its name or size). This utility organizes files and folders into a tree, lets you view archive files as ordinary folders and add comments to files.
  Windows Desktop Locker - WinLock [FREE]
32-bit version

64-bit version
Protects your Windows desktop using password, hides desktop icons, application bar, and restricts the mouse movement. For Windows 7, Vista and XP.
Note: This application may be detected as a virus but it is a false alarm.

  Wipe File [FREE]
Windows program that erases files or directories after filling them with random data ("3-pass random" method used). The files can be added by selecting one by one or just selecting folders and the files and sub-folders will be automatically loaded.
  BMP to JPG converter [FREE]
Converts BMP image files to JPEG format. The files can be added by selecting one by one or just selecting folders and the files and sub-folders will be automatically loaded.
  Change file Date and Time [FREE]
Changes the date and time for files. The files can be added by selecting one by one or just selecting folders and the files and sub-folders will be automatically loaded.
  Windows Processes [FREE]
This tool gives you the ability to view and manage most Windows process tasks. These tasks include starting, stopping, show and hide processes.
  UDP echo server [FREE]
Useful UDP server program that give you an echo of a text string that you send using a UDP client.
  Reflex Response Delay Meter [FREE]
Reflex Response Delay Meter.
  OpenGL - Digital Elevation Models [FREE SAMPLES]
This executable demonstrations were created from real DEM files (Digital Elevation Models) consisting of an array of points of elevations, sampled systematically at equally spaced intervals.
If you are interested in custom works or purchase this engine's source code, feel free to contact me.
Digital Surface Model (DSM), Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
Dawson Draw, CO Golden, CO Grand Canyon, AZ
Orthorectified Radar Image (ORI), World Satellite Imagery. USGS DEM, Vertical Mapper GRD
Gypsum Gap, CO Honolulu, HI McKenna Peak, CO
DXF Mesh, GeoTIFF, ASCII XYZ, Arc ASCII Grid, RockWorks, Terragen, and Surfer Grid.
  Key Capture [FREE]
Powerful and stealth tool designed to capture any key pressed in Windows. Can be minimized to tray icon and protected with password.
Note: This application may be detected as a virus but it is a false alarm.

Some AV scanners do not have properly developed heuristic scanning and produce false positive when scanning files that are commonly developed in high level languages like Delphi or C. This is unfortunately a consequence of rushed commercial demand and lack of programming skills on the part of some AV vendors who attempt to impose a subset of the Microsoft Portable Executable specifications for 32 bit Windows executable files to cover some of their own technical shortcomings.

If any of these programs interfere with an installed AV, you may need to change the settings so that it does not delete or damage the application. These applications have been successfully installed on millions of computers around the world since 2002 and it does not contain any viral infection or trojan code.

All these programs were digitally signed with an Authenticode Certificate to ensure its integrity and authenticity.
Check the certificate on behalf of:

  David Jorge Aguirre-Grazio 

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