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ComServer Chat Server Features


Dedicated chat server that makes possible the connection, validation and administration of ComClient users using separated chat channels and trough Intranet (LAN) and Internet networks at same time. Using multi-thread technology guarantees efficient and secure management of each user.


Download chat server:

ComServer version 5.0: DOWNLOAD

Latest update build 050001

for Windows Vista, XP, NT

User handbook ComServer 4.0: DOWNLOAD

(spanish version only)

Adobe Acrobat Reader format


Principal characteristics:

  • Multi-thread technology engine.
  • Handling of KeepAlive signals to keep active all connections.
  • Measuring of response time between users.
  • Off-line messaging support.
  • Total event registry.
  • Detection and destruction of users disconnected by network anomalies.
  • Users authentication by name, password and channel.
  • Users blocking by IP, channel or name.
  • Definition of active channels.
  • Channel selection between public, private, visible and hidden.
  • Configuration of File Sharing accounts.
  • Control of the amount of connected users.
  • Possibility of redirection of clients to other servers.
  • Delivery of messages, notifications or web pages to other users.
  • Notification of "new users connected".
  • Trayicon mode to keep minimized the server.

System screens:

Chat server







the Server






created by David Aguirre Grazio


copyright 2002-2008 by Mc & RENOX