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Features of ComClient


This product has been developed by Mc & RENOX technologies, oriented to enterprises who needs a permanent and private connection with local and foreign employees and customers, throw chat channels that gives them privacy, agility and organization between the different areas of the enterprise.



Easy and fast change of active channel (ie. from customers to employees channel, etc).
Handling of FTP accounts to simulate safe virtual folders to share files with other users.
Integrated Internet browser.
Easy e-mail delivery.
Possibility of message encryption to guarantees the security against spy and hackers of the net.
Delivery and direct reception of files.
Large texts delivery to users with just a click.
Web pages delivery to users.
Possibility to deliver acoustic calls to other users to get their attention.
Possibility to open multiple chat windows separate with each user.
Easy administration and change of active server.
Simultaneous use in local (LAN) and Internet networks.
User state selection like: “active”, “not available”, “be right back” and automatic response.
Users utilities, making automatic actions when a new user connects. Example: acoustic notifications, send an automatic message, open a chat window or bring-up ComClient.
Access to weather maps.
Language selection English or Spanish.
Floating notification of "new user on-line".
When a new message arrives, the program will bring-up automatically.
Possibility of minimizing the program in a simple icon located in the Window's clock zone (TrayIcon).
Little shape, without interfering your work with other programs.
Compliant with Windows XP visual styles.

Screens of the system:

Chat client







the Server






created by David Aguirre Grazio


copyright 2002-2008 by Mc & RENOX