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Very Large Image Joiner - VLIJoiner
version 2.3 official webpage
Very Large Image Joiner - VLIJoiner, official webpage Using VLIJoiner you can join in a single image, a large set of tiled images. The input format may be BMP, JPG, PNG or GIF format and the output format is PNG or BMP to prevent the degradation of quality and maximize the compression ratio.
  • Really low memory usage
  • Unlimited number of images to join
  • Source images in BMP, JPG, PNG or GIF format
  • Output image in PNG or BMP always True Color 24bit format
  • Alternative temporary directory specification
  • Specially designed to join a large number of small images
Testing example:
  • Images to join: 10000 of 256x256 pixel each one
  • Organization: 100x100 images
  • Output PNG image size: 25600x25600 pixel
  • Output PNG file size: ~1GB
  • Required run-time: ~10 minutes
  • Maximum memory usage: 25MB

· License price: € 75 Euros
· Payment: one time, credit card
· Taxes: no taxes, no additional costs
· License type: single user, single machine
· License validity period: no time limit
· Support period: one year
· Updates: for free

· Size: 2.8MB
· Updated: Apr/04/2016
· Environment: Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 32/64-bit
· Installation: no installation required
· MD5: 4636a4383349a1820e582845f94412e6



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