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This application uses engineering equations to simulate the first stage of a Falcon 9 rocket in real-time. You can simulate efforts, performance, control throttle and vehicle attitude through user drawn curves.

The application is still being developed, therefore, the experience includes the launching stage and it goes on up to the separation of the second stage.

You are invited to join this project!, make and share your own simulations and help to improve the accuracy of the results.

Main screen

You can see the progress of the simulation in real-time, including speed, altitude, linear and angular accelerations, monitor engine performance, throttle and thrust, fuel flow and consumption, aerodynamic and structural loads, spatial positioning, etc., everything live on-screen.

Structure and engine configuration

With the structural configuration panel you can configure masses and center of gravity (and some aerodynamic parameters) of any part of the rocket like octaweb, legs, fuel tanks, grid fins, second stage, payload, etc. With the engine configuration panel you can configure parameters like thrust and specific impulse for sea level and vacuum condition.

Flight profiles and mission plan

With flight profile configuration panel you can draw curves to control throttle modulation and vehicle attitude during flight. With the flightplan configuration panel you can setup Main Engine Cut Off (MECO) and Stage Separation triggers and configure the real video, wich is useful to compare the accuracy of the simulation.

3D OpenGL display

The simulator provides a 3D display where you can see the flight attitude and different behaviors from the point of view you choose. You can configure different camera posts, relative to ground or inflight, as well as its exact point of entry into the scene using an altitude trigger.

Flight log export

Once completed the simulation you can download an Excel (CSV) file with 18 parameters measured every 25ms (40 times per sec.). This information is useful to plot charts and compare with real flight telemetry information.

Demonstration video

This video shows the simulation of CRS-17 mission for ISS resupply, launched by SpaceX on May 4 2019, 2:48 a.m. EDT from Cape Canaveral SLC-40. Additionally you can download the log file in Excel format.

YouTube video
F9sim - CRS-17.xlsx

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All structural, performance and telemetry data used to produce this application are publicly available in SpaceX website, forums and video channels. This application is intended only for educational purposes and can be freely distributed. This application is not affiliated with, maintained, authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by SpaceX or any of its affiliates. SpaceX and Falcon 9 are registered trademarks of Space Exploration Technologies Corporation.