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DNS updater
version 4.5 official webpage
DNS updater DNSupdater is a dynamic DNS updater (for Windows) that works with accounts. This application lets you synchronize your domain/s name with your current Internet IP allowing you to run Web Servers or FTP Servers directly from your PC.
  • Auto-update on IP change
  • Multiple domains support
  • Multiple accounts
  • Events log
  • Start application with Windows
  • Tray icon minimization

· License price: € 20 Euros
· Payment: one time, credit card
· Taxes: no taxes, no additional costs
· License type: single user, single machine
· License validity period: no time limit
· Support period: one year
· Updates: for free

· Size: 779KB
· Updated: Jul/27/2014
· Environment: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 32/64-bit
· Installation: no installation required
· MD5: b1d9b0f9ee1800b62b21eb66ea8de5ed



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