Memo Packer



Memo Packer

version 1.1


We have developed a better product called ABox - File Packer that can store not only text files but all kinds of binary files.
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For that reason, this product is discontinued.

Memo Packer enables you to create a multiple memo container on your PC with additional security features. You can create a virtual folders structure containing many text documents, e.g. your bank account information, website passwords, social security number etc. and protect them by setting different passwords. Subsequent access to protected memos requires the correct password.

  • Virtual folders (tree structure) with colored labels offering you an easy way to organize and store text documents.
  • AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard).
  • Data compression and integrity verification.
  • Save and restore Backup copies of your data in a single file.
  • Direct access to the Windows Calculator and your default Web Browser.

download Memo Packer


demo software (15 Euros registration), updated Apr/29/2009
no installation required, just download and run it
file size 1MB, for Windows Vista, XP, etc
MD5 hash: 667739a28b7ea1347f23c019e4af26f9

created by David Jorge Aguirre Grazio and Raul Fernando Colombo

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128 192 256 bit AES encryption
personal data store, data manager, password manager, security, organize passwords
created by Mc & RENOX technologies