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HiDens Mail Client
official website

version 0.9 beta


HiDens Mail Client scales to the most sophisticated communicational needs while making it easy to transfer what you need. HDMP protocol offers bolstered security and privacy measures to ensure that your communications and identity remain safe.

The HDMP protocol (High Density Mail Protocol), used by HiDens Mail is not compatible with the current e-mail exchange standards SMTP (Standard Mail Transfer Protocol) and POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3), since HDMP features a completely different structure which makes it extremely efficient, fast and safe, eradicating the main causes for SPAM, phishing (ID forgery) and ill-intentioned email.

Some Features:
  • High Speed to Send and Receive E-mails: using data compression it is possible to reduce the e-mail size up to 10 times, which facilitates a measurable speed increase and minimizes information traffic across the net. This compression always takes place internally and automatically through the method “Normal Deflate 08” (currently used in applications like WinZip).
  • Protection against Phishing (ID forgery): The Persistent Digital Signature (PDS) allows the ID validation of a sending user. The recipient can verify this signature number (if they have the sender’s PDS Signature) and in this way verify the authenticity of the received e-mail.
  • Protection against SPAM: When sending an e-mail via HDMP, this goes through a series of servers till it gets to its final recipient; each intermediate server doesn’t send the e-mail to the next server without verifying before that the e-mail really comes from the preceding server. This reverse connection takes place after the primary connection, which allows a complete verification of the trace. Finally, if it is not possible to fulfill this verification at any point of the e-mail trajectory, the e-mail is destroyed and doesn’t get to the receiving user. This prevents the sending of SPAM using software known as SPAM Pumps (software for massive SPAM forwarding).
  • Information Protection (Data Encryption): Activating this feature protects the content (text of the message and attached file/s) through the use of encryption methods like AES, 3DES, etc. The AES cipher is currently used by the FBI for “Top Secret” level protection. The decryption can be External (provided by the receiving user) or PDS.
  • Automatic notification of new e-mail received. The e-mail client remains active in the Windows's Trayicon, periodically verifying for new e-mail, downloading it and sending notifications to the user.
If you want to know with more details all features offered by the HDMP protocol, please click in the link bellow:
We invite you to use this new and free e-mail service that ensures high standards of safety and efficiency, according to the potential of technology and the Internet in this new millennium. Please continue with the following steps:


Create your e-mail account by acceding to this link:


Download the free e-mail client by clicking here:

download HiDens Mail Client

This software is digitally signed with an Authenticode Certificate to ensure its integrity and authenticity.

free software, updated Mar/16/2008
no installation required, download and run it
file size 2,1MB, for Windows 7, Vista, etc
MD5 hash: ec4c9efcccd6b4d1a87395c1c4936815

Some Screenshots
Main screen Compose and Read Contacts and Cards Structure display
Some Video Demonstrations
Account creation
WMV high quality version
YouTube version
Account configuration and e-mail creation
WMV high quality version
YouTube version
Personal card configuration
WMV high quality version
YouTube version
PDS Signature creation and configuration
WMV high quality version
YouTube version
E-mail encryption methods
WMV high quality version
YouTube version

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created by David Jorge Aguirre Grazio

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