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  3D Global Terrain - global topography and imagery  
3D Global Terrain is the only OFF-LINE 3D platform that combines NASA imagery generated from Blue Marble project, elevation data from Shuttle Radar Topography Mission and more than 6.5 million of land markers with Cities and Points of Interest into a relatively small but powerful worldwide platform. GTerrain will allow you to visit any place in the world, know the general topography, and load and display your Waypoints, Routes and Tracks from many file formats.

  GPS Converter - multi-format converter  
GPSconverter converts Waypoints, Tracks, and Routes from/to any file format for GPS receiver or mapping program. It also has powerful manipulation tools for such data. Note that you can select specific data and convert it among data types (ej: waypoints to route, tracks to waypoints, etc.) making it a convenient for professional use.
  Convert points from KMZ/KML to GPX and vice versa [NEW VERSION]



Two useful tools to transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between KMZ/KML and GPX format for your GPS.
GE2GPX converts points from KMZ or KML to GPX format, then upload to your GPS using any software provided by your GPS's manufacturer.

GE2GPX Screenshot or YouTube demonstration video

GPX2GE converts points from your GPS (in GPX format, downloaded using any software provided by your GPS's manufacturer) to KMZ or KML.

GPX2GE Screenshot or YouTube demonstration video

  World POI Database, large database with 12,026,386 of places [NEW] [FREE]
A very large off-line database with 250 countries, 4,780,255 cities and 7,246,131 points of interest (47,390 cities in the free version), including country name, country code (ISO 3166), city name, region, latitude, longitude and flag. In addition, WorldPOIdb has a powerful search engine enabling you to find cities or places by keyword, and gives you the ability to export waypoints of your places in KML format (Keyhole Markup Language).


In addition, you can buy the raw database in CSV (tab delimited) or SQL format for use in your own applications. Click HERE for more information.
  TomTom Navigator OV2 to KMZ or GPX converter  
Ov22Gps converts Waypoints from TomTom Navigator (OV2) to KMZ or GPX format in a few steps.

  KMZ to TomTom Navigator (OV2) converter  
Ge2Ov2 converts Waypoints, Routes and Tracks from KMZ or KML to TomTom Navigator overlay (OV2) file in a few steps.

  Magellan MapSend (WPT/TRK) to KMZ or GPX converter  
MapSend2GPS converts Waypoints, Routes and Tracks from Magellan MapSend files (WPT and TRK) to KMZ or GPS Exchange Format (GPX) in a few steps.

  Palm Desktop ABA to KMZ or GPX converter  
Aba2Gps converts Waypoints from Palm Desktop file format (ABA address files) to KMZ or GPS compatible format (GPX) in a few steps.

  KMZ/KML to SUUNTO (SDF) converter  
Ge2Suunto converts Waypoints, Routes and Tracks from KMZ or KML to SUUNTO (SDF) data file in a few steps for easy upload to Suunto PC software (for example Suunto Trek Manager).

  Garmin GPI to KMZ or GPX converter  
Gpi2Gps converts Waypoints from Garmin GPI file format (i.e. Garmin POI Loader) to KMZ or GPS compatible format (GPX) in a few steps.

  KMZ to KML converter and vice versa [NEW VERSION]
This application converts files from KMZ to KML and KML to KMZ.
  Global Weather 3D [FREE]
Global Weather 3D gives you the possibility to explore the entire world's weather using a very realistic 3D globe. Taking advantage of the most powerful graphics techniques using OpenGL, you will find an interactive and exciting experience browsing global clouds in real time (every hour) using two different cloud visualization modes, "real photo" and "colorized clouds". In addition, Weather3D has four different Earth's surface modes (normal texture, detailed texture, non-textured and real-time day/night showing sun and moon positions) including countries boundary and names.

  Sun and Moon world map [FREE]
This application shows a world map with the position of the Sun and Moon in real-time or in a specific date.
In addition, you can see in real-time or accelerated-time the Sun and Moon in movement around the Earth.

  Quick Weather, Gadget or application for Windows [FREE]
QWeather shows the current Satellite images (sky and cloud conditions) (440x300 pixel). The easiest and quickest way to view the current world wide images from The Weather Channel updated every 3 hours. In addition the program can animate the last 12 maps already downloaded.

  Airways to KMZ format
Using Aw2Ge you can find realistic air routes between airports around the world and export it in KMZ format.
  Heading and Distance calculator [FREE]
This application calculates the great circle distance between any two points and the initial course (heading) on the great circle route.
You can enter the latitude and longitude or just select the starting and ending cities (380 cities available at the moment).

  GTerrain - The Game [FREE]
GTerrain - The Game, using 3D Global Terrain engines, this multi-player game take advantage of its real-world characteristics and using LAN network connection will allow you to play and have fun with your friends all interacting together in this virtual world attacking and defending your base and aircrafts.

AntiVirus: False positive alerts

Some AV scanners do not have properly developed heuristic scanning and produce false positive when scanning files that are commonly developed in high level languages like Delphi or C. This is unfortunately a consequence of rushed commercial demand and lack of programming skills on the part of some AV vendors who attempt to impose a subset of the Microsoft Portable Executable specifications for 32 bit Windows executable files to cover some of their own technical shortcomings.

If any of these programs interfere with an installed AV, you may need to change the settings so that it does not delete or damage the application. These applications have been successfully installed on millions of computers around the world since 2002 and it does not contain any viral infection or trojan code.

All these programs were digitally signed with an Authenticode Certificate to ensure its integrity and authenticity.
Check the certificate on behalf of:

  David Jorge Aguirre-Grazio 

Alan Map500 tracklogs (.trl) waypoints and routes (.wpr); Cambridge/Winpilot glider software; CarteSurTable data file; Cetus for Palm/OS; CoastalExplorer XML; CompeGPS data files (.wpt .trk .rte); CoPilot Flight Planner for Palm/OS; cotoGPS for Palm/OS; Dell Axim Navigation System (.gpb); DeLorme .an1 (drawing); DeLorme GPL; DeLorme Street Atlas Plus, Route; DeLorme XMap HH Native .WPT; DeLorme XMap/SAHH 2006 Native .TXT; DeLorme XMat HH Street Atlas USA .WPT (PPC); EasyGPS; FAI/IGC Flight Recorder Data Format; Fugawi; G7ToWin data files (.g7t); Garmin 301 Custom position and heartrate;
Garmin Logbook XML; Garmin MapSource gdb, mps; Garmin PCX5; Garmin POI database; Garmin Points of Interest (.gpi); .loc; GeocachingDB for Palm/OS; Geogrid Viewer tracklogs (.log); GEOnet Names Server (GNS); GeoNiche .pdb; Keyhole Markup Language; GpilotS; GPS TrackMaker; GpsDrive Format, Tracks; GPSman; GPSPilot Tracker for Palm/OS; GPX XML; HikeTech; Holux (gm-100) .wpo; HSA Endeavour Navigator export File; IGN Rando track files; Kartex 5 Track, Waypoint; Kompass (DAV) Track (.tk) Waypoints (.wp); KuDaTa PsiTrex text; Lowrance USR; Magellan Mapsend;
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Navitrak DNA marker format; NetStumbler Summary File (text); NIMA/GNIS Geographic Names File; NMEA 0183 sentences; Nokia Landmark Exchange; OziExplorer; PathAway Database for Palm/OS; Quovadis; Raymarine Waypoint (.rwf); Sportsim track files (part of zipped .ssz files); Suunto Trek Manager (STM) .sdf; Suunto Trek Manager (STM) WaypointPlus; Swiss Map # (.xol) format; TomTom Itineraries (.itn); TomTom POI file (.asc); TomTom POI file (.ov2); TopoMapPro Places File; TrackLogs digital mapping (.trl); U.S. Census Bureau Tiger Mapping Service; Vito Navigator II tracks; Vito SmartMap tracks (.vtt); WiFiFoFum 2.0 for PocketPC XML; Wintec WBT-100/200 Binary File Format; Wintec WBT-201/G-Rays 2 Binary File Format;Yahoo Geocode API data;
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