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BOEING 737 Next Generation

Boeing's Next Generation 737-800 and 737-900 are the largest members of the strong selling 737 family. Unlike the other Next Generation 737s, the -800 and -900 introduce new fuselage lengths, extending 737 single class seating range out to 189, compared with 100 in the original 737-100.

Like the -600 and -700, the -800 and -900 feature the Next Generation improvements including more efficient CFM56-7B turbofans, the new wing with greater chord, span and wing area, larger tail surfaces and the 777 style EFIS flightdeck with six flat panel LCDs which can present information as on the 777 or as on the 737-300/400/500 series, the latter allowing a common pilot type rating for the two 737 families. A HUD is optional. BBJ style winglets are offered as an optional feature for the -800.

Until its launch on September 5, 1994 the 737-800 was known as the 737-400X Stretch. Compared with the -400 the -800 is 3.02m (9ft 9in) longer, taking typical two class seating from 146 to 162, while range is significantly increased. The -800 has sold strongly since its launch, and early 2002 was the highest selling Next Generation model. First flight was on July 31 1997, first delivery (to Hapag Lloyd) was in April 1998.

The largest single order for the -800 series has come from the Irish budget carrier, Ryanair. After 28 had already been ordered earlier, a firm order for 100 aircraft was made in January 2002, with an option of another 50, to be delivered over the next 8 years. Ryanair will use the aircraft in a single class configuration, to seat 189 passengers.

A variant of the 737-800 is the Boeing Business Jet 2 (BBJ2), which is described separately.

The 737-900 is the largest and latest member of the 737 family, and was launched on September 10, 1997 with an order for 10 from Alaska Airlines. A 1.57m (5ft 2in) plug forward of the wing and a 1.07m (3ft 6in) plug rear compared with the -800 increases seating to 177 in two classes (maximum seating is the same as the 737-800's due to emergency exit requirements). First flight was made August 3, 2000, and the first delivery (to Alaska Airlines) May 15, 2001.


Flying at FL410

more in the Boeing's website


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Boeing manuals

Boeing 737 Aircraft Operations Manual (AOM)

Boeing 737 300-400-500   REMOVED
PDF format, 12.6MB
Boeing 737NG 600-700-800-900   REMOVED
PDF format, 28.0MB
PMDG manuals

PMDG 737NG 600-700-800-900 (AOM) (Apr, 2004)

Title and menus  
PDF format, 1.25MB
Takeoff performance  
PDF format, 845KB
Cruise performance  
PDF format, 212KB
Landing performance  
PDF format, 137KB
Performance requirements and limitations  
PDF format, 271KB
Normal procedures  
PDF format, 312KB
Abnormal procedures  
PDF format, 232KB
Cockpit and Systems operation  
PDF format, 2.11MB
Flight Management Computer  
PDF format, 2.09MB
Automatic Flight Management Systems  
PDF format, 382KB
Manual flight techniques  
PDF format, 220KB
Quick reference Checklist  
PDF format, 90.3KB
Tutorial - Flying the 737NG

coming soon...

Photos Boeing 737NG-800

From Madrid-Barajas (LEMD) to Tenerife (GCXO)


Leaving Madrid

Approaching Tenerife

Approaching Tenerife

Landing at Tenerife

PMDG format, 33.8KB

PMDG format, 6.6KB
GCXO IAC chart

PDF format, 218KB

PDF format, 212KB


From Spain International (PGSN) to Guam International Airport (PGUM)


Departing from Spain

Approaching Guam

"Cold and dark" at Guam

EFIS flightdeck

Overhead panel

FMC/CDU and Throttle


Landing at Princess Juliana (TNCM) - St. Maarten


  Waypoint for Google Earth

KML format, 1.26KB


From Seattle-Tacoma (KSEA) to Las Vegas Mc Carran (KLAS) at night


KSEA SID chart

PDF format, 2.23MB

PDF format, 221KB

PDF format, 2.25MB

PDF format, 235KB


From Jorge Newbery Airport (SABE) Buenos Aires (AR) to Teniente Benjamín Matienzo Intl. Airport (SANT) Tucumán (AR)


Departing from Buenos Aires

Leaving Buenos Aires

CRZ at FL320

Over Mar Chiquita lake - Córdoba (AR)

Parking at Tucumán (AR)
Welcome to my city :)

Starting engines

Leaving Buenos Aires

"Cold and dark" at Tucumán
Route information SABE-SANT

TXT format, 1.23KB
Route information SANT-SABE

TXT format, 1.26KB

PMDG format, 3.42KB
SABE IAC chart

RAR-JPG format, 910KB
SABE SID chart

RAR-JPG format, 1.04MB

RAR-JPG format, 506KB
SANT IAC chart

RAR-JPG format, 1.01MB
SANT SID chart

RAR-JPG format, 398KB

RAR-JPG format, 222KB
Route for Google Earth

KML format, 25KB
Utility KMZ/KML to GPX
Utility GPX to KMZ/KML

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Learning Center - Basics

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - Basic Flying Lessons

Student Pilot  
ZIP-PDF format, 2.29MB
Private Pilot  
ZIP-PDF format, 1.35MB
Instrument Pilot  
ZIP-PDF format, 1.83MB
Commercial Pilot  
ZIP-PDF format, 2.50MB
Airline Transport Pilot  
ZIP-PDF format, 1.11MB

More information from the Learning Center

Air Traffic Control (ATC)  
ZIP-PDF format, 653KB
ZIP-PDF format, 1.26MB
...thanks Microsoft Flight Simulator and Rod Machado for the great Flying Lessons

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Checklists for simulators



PDF format, 968KB

Beech Aircraft

  Beech Baron 58

PDF format, 495KB


Boeing 727-200

PDF format, 420KB
Boeing 737-400

PDF format, 1.19MB
Boeing 747-400

PDF format, 518KB
Boeing 777-300

PDF format, 897KB


  Learjet 45

PDF format, 437KB


Cessna 172

PDF format, 415KB
Cessna 182S

PDF format, 1.16MB
Citation X

PDF format, 521KB

Cirrus aircraft

  Cirrus SR20

PDF format, 742KB

McDonnell Douglas


PDF format, 381KB
MD Super 80

PDF format, 478KB

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Real Cockpits photos Boeing 737 800-900

RAR format, 17.2MB

Real external-view photos Boeing 737 800-900

RAR format, 5.6MB

Flight Simulator - Boeing 737-400 (simplified version)


Flight Simulator - Bombardier Learjet 45 (simplified version)

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